Not only were we incredibly lucky to have had time to shoot with Brett at PAX, Rachel and I managed to run into Vic from Lucid Visual Photography and he stopped us for a quick session!

I can’t say enough incredible things about Vic (Lucid Visual Photography). He’s so talented and just the nicest, warmest guy. I almost fell over when he sent me these incredible images of Ravenna and Freya. We did a quick shoot together when the light was pretty bright (and my cape was very reflective and misbehaving for the lens) but he was able to make some serious magic with that time we spent. BOTH photographers are unbelievable talents and we were so honored to take up their time!

I am absolutely in love with these shots.  If you ever get a chance to shoot with Brett or Vic, drop everything and do it!

What a freaking dream come true! Here’s a collection of my favorite images from both photoshoots.

Photos: Brett Downen (Downen Creative Studios)
Photos: Lucid Visual Photography
Ravenna: Beverly Downen
Freya: Yasemin Art