Rose City Comic Con was probably our favorite con to date when it comes to pure con fun and enjoyment. While we didn’t enter the costume contest and actually left each day at reasonable times (we had the kids for this con, that definitely changes lengths of stay!), it was the collection of friends we got to be with that made this event so special. Rachel Dooley, Kruser Cosplay, Alan Huang, Tina Rivets Cosplay, Cosplay Boom, Beer Money Props, Ryan Wells, Ashmat Naimi, JJ Stefishen, AbbyCat Cosplay, the list goes on and on. Beverly’s Ravenna costume, while costume contest worthy, was still a show stopper even not on stage and she was the center of attention with every step through the halls. Photo opportunities were boundless too and our growing gallery from the weekend is a testament to the talent and incredible personalities attending Rose City this year. We can’t thank everyone who took the time to hang out with us enough because it was seeing you that made this event our best con yet.