Briareos Hecatonchires is a character from Masamune Shirow’s Appleseed manga and he is AWESOME. Go watch the movie, or find one of the mangas and enjoy!

One night in upstate New York in 2004, my brother said “hey, you HAVE to watch this movie right now”. About 5 minutes later I was so blown away by what I had seen so far that I stole the dvd from him before I moved to the west coast!

Costume Stats:

Hours: Approximately 5 months
Materials: Resin, EVA foam, fabric, poly fil padding, worbla
Bragging rights: First Place at Rose City Comic Con in the Group Category in 2015. Yay!

Photo by LV Lucid Photography

Photo by LV Lucid Photography

Costume parts include:

  • Helmet
  • Torso front and back
  • Elbow armor x’s 2
  • Vambraces x’s 2
  • Gloves x’s 2
  • Undershirt
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Knee armor x’s 2
  • Lower leg armor x’s 2
  • Shoe covers x’s 2
  • Big Ass Rifle

File_005 (3)
Making his Helmet

This helmet took a very… long… time. It was my first build and so I had a very steep learning curve. The steepest there is.  Looking back, it was extremely ambitious of me to even attempt this kind of project, but I am stubborn and wanted to make this costume, dammit! This helmet took several months to make.  Most of the work was spent sculpting a perfectly smooth and symmetrical helmet and all of the shapes.

I ordered some materials and while I waited for them to arrive, I made a duct tape study so I could better understand the shapes and how they related to each other:

  File_008 File_009

Next I started piling monster clay onto a head form. This part took a super long time to get the shapes quite right. The symmetry was the most difficult part.

11401329_434290810087162_7491175613313439707_n (1)


I eventually gave up on using monster clay because I was getting close to the final form and realized that I needed a surface that I could sand.. so I began piling bondo on the monster clay. This method worked well. Bondo, sand, bondo, sand, repeat.. for a few months.

File_007 (1)

File_005 (2)   File_006 (18)

Once the main shape was looking good, I made a test with worbla to make sure it fit Brett. Luckily, it fit just fine!

File_006 (4)

File_005 (5)

Now on to sculpting and building the other parts of the helmet. All in all, this helmet was composed of 5 different parts that I would later mold and cast: main helmet, two sideburns, two “ears”, and two smaller circular shapes.

Sideburns File_003 (6)

File_001 (7) File_001 (26)


I used Dragon Skin silicone from Smooth-On for the smaller molds of the ears, sideburns and the smaller circular shapes, and then Rebound 25 for the helmet.

The smaller shapes were small enough to use a simple two part mold. Check out this tutorial from Smooth-On to see how to make a two part mold. Here’s a very basic example of how I did this for each of the sideburns:

Here’s another very basic example of how I did this for each of the “ears”:


Making a mold of the helmet was an entirely different monster. Making a two part mold like I did before was not going to be very practical. It would require such a large quantity of silicone that it just wasn’t cost effective to even consider doing it that way. Instead, I used the “brush on” method. In essence, the steps are as follows:

Finished resin pour! So pretty.

The resin pour was a success!


The resin helmet still needed a lot of work after it was created. The eye holes had to be drilled, the seam line sanded down, and some surface flaws had to be fixed before I could paint. I painted this helmet with spray primer, clear coat, and eventually acrylic paint.

Briareos Prime

A drilled, sanded and primed briareos helmet with cast sideburns and one ear. This was an LED test.


Briareos’ torso is very muscular, but I didn’t want to make a muscle suit. There are also areas of his upper body armor that look more practical to build with EVA floor mats, so that’s what I did:

Materials used: EVA foam mats, barge cement, hot glue, fabric, polyfil, FabriTac (for the chest definition) various hardware, a small amount of worbla, velcro, buckles, acrylic paint.


The vambraces were made with thick EVA foam and buckles. These and the elbow and knee armor pieces were a breeze compared to the helmet and torso pieces.

File_008 (17)


The lower legs were made with a hand drawn template, zipper closures and elastic with buckles. Check out my tutorial on how to add a zipper closure to your eva foam projects here: TUTORIAL: ADDING ZIPPERS TO EVA FOAM.


At this point in the project I had just a couple of weeks left to go before the convention and I was running out of time. Briareos’ big ass gun was a quick project that took about 20 hours to make.


After many months of hard work and steep learning curves, Briareos was finally done!

Image by Cosplay Boom

Image by Cosplay Boom

Image by Cosplay Boom

Image by Cosplay Boom

Photo by LV Lucid Photography

Photo by LV Photography

Photo by LV Lucid Photography

Photo by LV Photography


If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you for your determination and attention!


Head Nerd at Downen Creative Studios