hippolyta-lighttest-7Hi! I’m Beverly! I create quality content focused on providing cosplayers a wide range of tools and instruction needed to create their costumes and props. I have two businesses: Downen Creative Studios and Epoch Echo Cosworx.

My goal is to continually encourage artists to confidently acquire new maker skills. In addition to creating my own high-quality costumes and props, I create and sell patterns, 3D files, and create video tutorials and full costume build write ups with the purpose of fostering a positive and encouraging community of creators. I enjoy giving others a thorough look at my build processes, and I strive to provide detailed write ups of each of my builds whenever possible. My belief is to be as transparent as possible, and I am always willing to share my successes and failures whenever I am able.

I have been published in Cos Culture Magazine, and I am an ongoing contributing author for the German magazine Cohaku, having co-written two tutorial articles with my husband in the last two years. Most recently I was commissioned by Marvel for the 3rd season of “Marvel Becoming” to create a replica of the Wasp costume from the movie “Antman and the Wasp”. My passion projects are all community based – I have founded many facebook groups with the hopes of fostering a positive and supportive environment for cosplayers and makers alike. These include Cosplayers of Valhalla (for Marvel costumes), Amazon Sisters of Themyscira (Wonder Woman and Amazon warriors), and Epic Families of Cosplay. My main interest is a group I created called SheProp (female-focused propmaker group), for which I also created and host a podcast called ShePropTalk!

My goal is to continue to bring my unique knowledge of building processes and techniques to cosplayers of all skill levels, as well as to encourage my fellow makers to create, to learn from each other and to be positive role models within the maker community.

It’s hard to believe this all started with a Darth Vader mask and a free weekend with the kids. Check out our little Origin Story!

Contact: TheDownens@gmail.com

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Downen Creative Studios
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Upcoming Conventions
Emerald City Comic Con 2019
Rencon 2019
Rose City Comic Con 2019

Past Appearances
2018: Eugene Comic Con – Guest / Contest Judge
2018: New York Comic Con: Marvel Cosplay Contest Judge
2018: Renton Comic Con: Guest / Contest Judge / Panelist
2018: DragonCon: Debut of Wasp Costume for Marvel Becoming
2017: Emerald City Comic Con: Panelist
2017: Rose City Comic Con: Panelist
2016: Emerald City Comic Con: Panelist
2016: Rose City Comic Con: Panelist
2016: Jet City Comic Show:  Guest / Contest Judge

Awards & Other honors
2018: Best in Show 2nd Place, Hela (ECCC)
2018: Influencer, Thibra
2015: Best Duo, Thor & Lady Sif (ECCC)
2015: Best in Show, Appleseed (RCCC)

Notable Interviews & Podcasts
Wasp I Marvel Becoming
Women of Marvel with Hannah Kent and Beverly Downen
Adam Savage Interview at New York City Comic Con
Marvel: Cosplayer Beverly Downen on what goes into becoming a Super Hero

ShePropTalk! Podcast
Episode 1: Sharon Rose Cosplay
Episode 2: Dahlia Darling Cosplay

Other Interviews & Podcasts
Prop Live Podcast 11/29/18 – Downen Creative Studios & Photography
Craft and Geek Episode 32: Featured Guest Downen Creative Studios 5/14/2018
Prop: Live – Q&A with Epoch Echo Cosworx – 1/25/2018
Craft and Geek Episode 14: Wonder Woman
Episode 09 of Cosing A Problem: Season 2 – Thor: Ragnarok (Build and Review)
Episode 34 of Cosing A Problem: Season 1 – Movie Review of Wonder Woman
Episode 27 of Cosing A Problem: Season 1 – Interview with Beverly Downen

Features & Shout Outs
Tested.com: NYCC Photo Gallery
Tested: Marvel or Mar-Vell – This is Only a Test 465 – 9/7/18
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Editorial Publications
Cohaku: How to Glue Silicone to Fabric, Issue 18, 2018
Cohaku: How to use EVA Foam, Issue 16
Cos Culture Magazine: Zipper Tutorial, Issue June/July 2016 

Video Tutorials
Epoch Echo Channel: My Hela Helmet: A Walkthrough
Epoch Echo Channel: Using Dragon Skin Silicone for Cosplay: Making Metallic Effects with Cast Magic Powders
Epoch Echo Channel: How To Make Resin Molds Using Smooth-Cast 300
Epoch Echo Channel: How To Glue Silicone To Fabric With Sil-Poxy
Epoch Echo Channel: Making Resin Mold Boxes for Hela
Epoch Echo Channel: Foam Leather Tutorial
DIY Faux Feathers Tutorial (Ravenna)

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