Photo by Al Lin

Photo by Al Lin

Thor is one of my favorite Marvel heroes, so of course I wanted to turn Brett into my own version of him!

Costume Stats:

Hours: Approximately 300
Materials: Worbla, Wonderflex, EVA Foam, pleather, fabric
Bragging rights: First Place with Lady Sif at Emerald City Comic Con Duo Category in 2014. Yay!

Costume parts include:

  • Helmet
  • Mjolnir
  • Torso armor
  • Vambraces and sleeves x’s 2
  • Lower leg armor x’s 2
  • Pants
  • Cape


It all started with the helmet. I used a pepakura file as a starting point, and it all came together from there.

I made his helmet with EVA foam and worbla, with a little Apoxie Sculpt for good measure.


The first version of this helmet was incredibly HOT, so I re-made the helmet to include two fans on either side of the wings:
20150228_154058 20150228_210408 20150302_200800

Adding the extra bulk of the fans was a necessary evil: it cooled his head down but it also changed the profile of the wings.
20150302_200831 20150302_200839

I used spray primer on the worbla and sanded the surfaces using filing tools and tiny bits of sandpaper to get a very smooth surface. Thor’s helmet is flawlessly chrome and shiny!
20150311_213137 IMG_20141119_100818

This is the final result! Shiny and chrome and not overly hot! We may revisit the wings to turn them in a bit more, but with so many other projects in the wings we may just leave it as is.


We are incredibly lucky to have a good friend who is really, really good at making just about anything. He made the base of Mjolnir for us, and we painted and finished it. It’s a thing of beauty and absolutely sturdy. We could probably use it as a real hammer! We used puffy paint for the detailed areas as I did for Lady Sif’s costume. I then painted the hammer with a base color of dark grey acrylic, and then painted again with silver acrylic. I used Rub n’ Buff to highlight the details. We wrapped pleather around the shaft and initially had cut out silver details for the shaft. We ended up not using those details and opted to paint them on the shaft instead with silver acrylic paint.

10933857_10152545542737466_3254462119607269650_n 10922449_10152547001797466_6866842012252868791_n


I made a duct tape dummy, and created the pattern. TIP: only draw one side if the pattern is symmetrical.

Thor’s chest armor is intricately woven together, and so I wanted to emulate that as much as possible. I used eva foam covered with worbla. The worbla pieces were all kept separate instead of gluing them all together.

20141217_113649 1395413_10152474657622466_3138171041260653263_n

The pieces are all screwed together with Chicago screws wherever possible to minimize the appearance of the screw heads under the fabric.

I then wrapped all of the pieces in pleather and screwed them back together again. I also used brads to emulate rivets. I love brads!

You’ll notice the cape is also in progress in the image below.. I unfortunately don’t have progress images of how I made it! In summary, I used a piece of eva floor mat, shaped it into the curve of the cape, covered it in wonderflex for rigidity, and attached the fabric to it to make the cape. The cape is attached to the front of the torso under the large circles with overall fasteners. Easy!

Pleather is really easy to paint, and I found some metallic gold paint made specifically for fabric. Shiny!
You’ll notice that this was the original helmet that I later remade to include two fans for some much needed ventilation.


The vambraces were pretty straight forward (the only part of this costume so far!). These were pretty fun to make, and fun for Brett to model! Materials used: EVA foam wrapped in pleather. The gold detailed layer is EVA foam painted with the same metallic gold paint. I also used brads again to emulate rivets. The sleeves are simple tubes of the leftover cape fabric.


Thor’s pants are impossibly awesome. They are AMAZINGLY HARD TO MAKE. So instead of reinventing the wheel, I used a pair of Dickies work pants that Brett didn’t wear anymore, and transformed them into pants fit for a GOD.
I painted scrap pleather with silver metallic paint, and then cut them all into little trapezoids. Then, using an iron, I carefully glued them all into place on the pants. It took forever! The pants looked amazing though, so the insanity was totally worth it. Afterwards, I sealed it all with Modge Podge’s Fabric glue to keep those suckers in place.
20150211_201756 20150211_201806




Thor’s lower legs were a welcome reprise to making those pants. I drew out a pattern and traced the mirror image for a symmetrical design. Then I transferred the pattern to EVA foam, covered the pieces with pleather as I did for the vambraces and the torso armor. They are secured to his legs with velcro straps.

20150114_085401 20150214_121553 20150214_181925

And there you have it. This was the making of the Thor costume!


If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you for your determination and attention!


Head Nerd at Downen Creative Studios