This is part one of three installments of how I created this costume.

All parts of this costume was patterned and created by Beverly. Patterns are available for download on our Esty store!

Costume Stats:

Time to complete: Approximately 4 months


Hippolyta’s sword is absolutely breathtaking in it’s beauty and elegance. I couldn’t wait to begin making the master!

Materials used:

Master sculpt: Basswood, 3d-printed custom designed runes and hilt, super sculpey, shellac, spray primer, clear coat

5 part Silicone mold: Rebound 25 platinum silicone.

Resin: Smooth-cast 65D (it’s what I had available at the time. Typically I would use Smooth-Cast 300).

Paint: Painted with airbrush acrylics from Createx and rub n’ buff.