This is part two of three installments of how I created this costume.

All parts of this costume was patterned and created by Beverly. Patterns are available for download on our Esty store!

Costume Stats:

Time to complete: Approximately 4 months


Hippolyta’s body armor is as beautiful as the sword. It’s also complex in that there are TWO versions

Materials used:


EVA Foam, Worbla, random hardware, acrylic paint, Rub n’ Buff, fabric, epoxy, super glue, Barge cement


Step 1: The Crown

Step 2: The Vambraces

Step 3: The Greaves and Knee Armor

I made  a rough draft of the pattern and printed out for a quick fit test:

Refinements were made from there 🙂

Step 4: The Pauldrons

Step 5: The Chest Armor

This was a very ambitious pattern to make. It was fun, and the results were well worth the trouble.

Step 6: The Cape

This cape was almost the death of me! Thankfully I have friends that support me and encourage me to keep going!