I am SO EXCITED to be working with Thibra! I was admittedly unsure about it at first. I’ll say to all the skeptics out there – don’t think that it is like Worbla.. it’s very different from Worbla and any other thermoplastic you’ve used before (probably).


  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Activation temp is one of the lowest in the thermoplasic realm (160° F)
  • Picks up detail like a DREAM
  • Sticks to itself and pretty much anything else besides silicone
  • Can be painted once the surface is washed
  • Non-toxic
  • Use a heatgun to warm the surface, and press into molds, or mold into any shape you desire.
  • If you are forming Thibra over an object, use a bit of vaseline or release agent to ensure the thibra will come off!
  • Surface can be smoothed with your finger while warm


Here are some differences between commonly used thermoplastics that I’ve compiled. Some of the thermoplastics listed here are very new to me and I have yet to use them, so while they are listed on this chart I have yet to obtain this information. Check back with soon for an updated chart!


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I will DEFINITELY be posting more about how to use this stuff at a later time.
For now, enjoy these links!

Where to find Thibra:


Here are links for you to get those silicone press molds that I used to make the details on this chest piece! Here’s a compilation of some of my FAVORITES as well as some that I’m DYING to try out myself!


These weren’t used for this build but WOW they are gorgeous and I would LOVE to add them to my tool kit!