Rose City Comic Con is always our family favorite; it’s located here in Portland, we know so many wonderful friends we will surely see during the weekend, and it’s the very first con we ever attended as a family. This year was yet another amazing weekend at the convention center. Below is a smattering of the images I (Brett) was able to capture with many amazing cosplayers we know, and so many whose skills have also increased over the past few years. I was blown away by the talent I was privileged to capture over a two day period and I’m already looking forward to next year!

The full gallery can be seen at Downen Photography

Cosplayer: Carma Cosplay Character: Venom

Cosplayer: Murray Griessel Character: Norse Viking from Skyrim

Cosplayer: AV Kado Character: Sirius Black, from the Harry Potter series


Cosplayer: Downen Creative Studios Character: “Casual Amazon, Hippolyta”


Cosplayer: Rachel Berg Character: Bladecraft Orianna (League of Legends)


Cosplayer: Shannon Burckhard Character: Killer Frost


Cosplayers: Downen Creative Studios and Carma Cosplay Characters: Hela from Thor Ragnarok & Venom

Cosplayer: Zoe Downen Character: Yang from RWBY

Cosplayers: Michelle Flores, Carma Cosplay, Downen Creative Studios, Zoe Downen Characters: Nina Williams, Venom, Hela, Yang from RWBY

Cosplayers: Zoe Downen, Nick Christianson, Downen Creative Studios, Tina Rivets Characters: Yang from RWBY, Nick as himself, Hela, Killer Maid