This was our first DragonCon, and it was every bit as chaotic, loud, and exciting as it’s been described by many of our friends. This collection of images are from the very few photo shoots I was able to fit in as we were far more focused on Beverly’s agenda that was laid out by Marvel. She had many events and interviews to attend and was unquestionably THE cosplayer of the con; in between though, I managed to squeeze in just a few photo shoots. Here is a sampling of the shoots, the entire collection of DragonCon images can be viewed on Downen Photography.

SKS Props / WarHammer40K – Tech Priest

@ladykitzcosplay as a very happy Dr. Strange

Heather Robb (The Feathered Hart Cosplay & Props) in her hand made Thor

Downen Creative Studios in her now-industry-famous Hela (casual).

@nospaceship as GrandMaster from Thor:Ragnarok

The Feathered Hart and Billy the Brick as Thor and Loki

SKS Props / WarHammer40K – Tech Priest

Downen Creative Studios / Hela (Casual)