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3D Printed Runes for Wonder Woman or Hippolyta Sword
$15 / Free Shipping within the US

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Free shipping in the continental US!

This is a RAW 3D printed kit containing two sets of 60 individual pieces (total of 120) to embellish your own weaponry of choice. These runes were inspired by the sword wielded by Wonder Woman and Hyppolita (Wonder Woman’s mother in the upcoming 2017 film). The sword shown above is for illustration purposes only and is not included.

This set includes:
1. 120-piece rune set that you see in the photo above.
2. Visual guide of how the runes should be placed.

The sword shown above is Hippolyta’s sword and each side of her blade has 120 runes. Wonder Woman’s sword has 60 runes on each side.

Height: approximately 1mm, but can also be ordered in a thicker size if needed. Choose your size at checkout.
Width: each shape is a different shape, and so widths vary from 2mm to 10mm.
Placed end to end, each row is approximately 25″ . They are designed to taper at the end of the sword blade.

3D printed using PLA filament. The color will be bright yellow/green as you see in the photo. These can be superglued, primed and painted.

I am able to modify these overall dimensions a bit so if you need a custom print, send me a message and we can figure it out!

By purchasing you agree not to reproduce this item.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Goddess Shield Template Pattern
 digital download


Lady Sif’s shield is intricate and beautiful, but also a little complicated to figure out if you’re trying to make your own version. Fear not! I have compiled this pattern into printable pages that are a breeze to use! Simply print the pages, match the sides together and tape, transfer the patterns onto EVA foam and glue together! You will be a goddess in no time!

I’ve also included the pattern for the forearm straps and the sheath that holds her sword in the back of the shield. They are clearly labeled to help guide you through the building process.

Goddess Vambraces, Sleeve and Wrist Wrap Template Patterns
 digital download


This is a downloadable PDF pattern that includes 4 patterns!!! Included patterns: vambrace, vambrace lining, sleeve, and wrist wraps! I’ve also included many of my pro tips for making your creation as incredible as possible. This is designed to be made with EVA foam and fabric, but can be modified for use with Worbla. Simply print the pages and transfer the patterns onto EVA foam or fabric. They are clearly labeled to help guide you through the building process.